Common FTP connection errors

When you connect through the FTP client FileZilla, messages at the top of your screen appear one after another. These are FTP connection logs. These messages will be incomprehensible for a person unfamiliar with an FTP protocol. But in case of a crash, they will help you find the reason for failure. If you experienced such errors, don’t rush to contact support. There are frequent errors which can be fixed without outside help.

Too many connections
This error means that there are too many connections to your FTP account. Don’t worry, it is unlikely that there is someone else connected to your account at the moment. In the vast majority of cases, the problem occurs due to legacy sessions that were not closed in time.

Go to cPanel – FTP Connection. Delete any active sessions. Then open FileZilla settings (Edit – Settings – Transfers – Number of simultaneous transfers – Set 2). Also, set a passive connection mode (Edit – Settings – FTP Connection – Transfer Mode – Passive). Disconnect and connect to the FTP again.

The connection attempt failed with eai_noname
Check the host specified in the connection settings. You could have made a mistake while typing it or it may be inaccessible from the network. You may also be connecting to the old, already non-existent, server (accounts are being moved between servers to balance the load). In general, you can use a website address without http:// and www as a connection host.

Command, AUTH TLS. Error: Could not connect to the server
Failure to connect to the encrypted channel. There may be many reasons for this. For example, if the SSL certificate is not installed on the website or the certificate is not accepted by this version of FileZilla. The universal solution is to disable TLS. In the settings of the FileZilla connection, check “Only Use Plain FTP” to select the encryption method.

30 Login authentication failed
Check your login and password, as they are most likely wrong. Try typing them manually, rather than copying them in the fields to prevent copying extra spaces and invisible characters. The main FTP login should be specified without the @ symbol and domain name. Advanced logins should include this symbol and domain name (for example, ftpuser@test.com). If you are sure that everything is entered correctly, try resetting your password for the account you are trying to connect with. Check the host, as this error is also possible when you are connecting to the wrong server. If nothing helped, contact support and we will try to help you.

Can’t Read Directories
Try connecting using the menu “File – Website Manager”, rather than through a quick connection. In the connection settings, type SFTP, port 22.

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