Support operating hours

NetX support operating hours
Online chat and Skype: Monday through Friday – 9 am to 1 am; Saturday-Sunday – 10 am to 12 am
Request via personal account (tickets) and email: 24/7.

General information
To optimize the speed and quality of customer request processing, NetX support was divided into two streams:

  1. Online chat for consultations on accounting issues, functioning of the customer panel and hosting control panel, and company services.
  2. Tickets in the personal account are intended for tasks requiring more time for the resolution than an ordinary consultation can offer. Requests can be submitted to the support team only after the customer signs in to the customer panel.

What you need to know about the ticket handling procedure:

  1. Support services are provided based on the ticket created in the personal account (signing in is required). Requests submitted via Skype, online chat or email are not reviewed as official, they are purely consultative.
  2. Technical support usually answers within an hour, the time may vary depending on the issue specifics and the load on the support team. If the customer’s request can’t be processed fast enough, the customer will be notified by a message with information as to why the response is being delayed and when it will be provided.
  3. If the customer needs an answer to a frequently asked question, the support may reply with a link to relevant pages in the NetX Knowledge Base.

Technical support rules
Tasks that are the responsibility of the technical support team:

  1. Issues associated with NetX service malfunctioning: SSH, Apache, MySQL, FTP, email, customer account, hosting account’s administration panel.
  2. Consultations on the user account management and hosting account’s administration panel.
  3. Notification of customers on the planned maintenance on the servers, as well as the operating state of the provider’s services.

Tasks that are outside the responsibilities of the technical support team:

  1. Changing the source code of customer websites, testing script performance on the hosting. These processes are the direct responsibility of web resource developers.
  2. Assistance in installing/configuring scripts and software. If the customer cannot complete these tasks on their own, the customer should contact the developer.
  3. Performing operations that the customer can complete on their own in the customer account or hosting account’s panel.
  4. Customizing a hosting server based on the user’s parameters. If the shared hosting is not enough to meet the customer’s needs, it is recommended to move to the dedicated server or VPS, where configuration can be customized.
  5. Configuring software on the hosting customer’s account.
  6. Teaching customers to manage software, program, and find errors in the software.
  7. The above tasks can be fixed for a fee. The cost and terms of work are agreed upon with the customer on a case-by-case basis.

Technical support terms
Free administration services include:

  1. Installing or reinstalling the operating system from the list of OS compatible with the VPS/dedicated server.
  2. Installing the VPS/dedicated server control panel provided that the selected CP is compatible with the OS (control panel can only be installed on the formatted OS).

Server administration services are provided for a fee subject to the availability of the ticket in the system. The cost, scope and time of works are agreed upon with the customer on a case-by-case basis. The cost and terms of works can be changed in the event of an unforeseen situation (to be agreed upon with the customer). The technical support team reserves the right to refuse to provide help at any time. In such a situation, the money is refunded to the customer.

How to submit a question to the support team: several recommendations:

  1. When you submit your request via an online chat, specify the email linked to your account. With this information, the chat operator will need less time to provide a quality consultation.
  2. It is recommended to use a formal tone in the communication with the support team. Insults, obscene language, and other forms of disrespect for technical support specialists may lead to the denial of any technical assistance, as well as to the revision of the terms of further cooperation with the offending customer.
  3. Before asking the support team a question, we recommend reviewing a “Knowledge Base” section, which contains key answers and instructions helping to fix the most frequent customer issues. If the answer does not seem extensive enough to fix the issue, submit a corresponding request to the support team, attaching a link to the document in the knowledge base.
  4. Formulate your question in advance. The clearer it is, the more exhaustive answer you will get.
  5. Describe your issue with maximum detail. Support team specialists are not website administrators; therefore, they cannot track issues with website functioning without additional data.