Our Data Centers

Data center means premises where the hosting provider’s servers are located. For companies providing website hosting services, it is essential to select a reliable DC that guarantees stable server operation.

NetX cooperates with such data centers as United DC (Ukraine) and Serverius DC (the Netherlands). Since NetX relies only on the equipment the company owns, this equipment is located on the rented racks or in the corridors in each of the two DCs.

Serverius DC

Serverius is one of the largest DCs in the Netherlands; therefore its customers include numerous international companies. NetX stores its servers in the data center located at Ketelskamp 10, 7942KG, Meppel.

Serverius data center is fully compliant with the demanding requirements for server hosting platforms. The DC maintains the most suitable ambient temperature: 24°C (+/- 3°C) with a “cold aisle” cooling system, where the power use efficiency (PUE) makes up 1.12.

Technical characteristics of the DC:

Power system supplier: Enexis.

  1. Maximum power per cabinet: 1x32Amp by default up to 4x32Amp (up to 20 kW) – full cabinet, 2x16Amp – half cabinet.
  2. Power voltage: 230 V at NEN 1010 norm.
  3. Placement of servers on the rack (entire rack, half or one-third) or in the corridor.
  4. 24/7 technical support from Serverius engineers.

Serverius offers the widest range of high-quality services. For instance, depending on the customer’s needs, the DC may offer to rent a corridor with an uninterrupted power supply, cooling, connection, crossed connection and specialist on-site support.

Note that Serverius DC has a team of experienced engineers, which makes this data center one of the best providers of comprehensive IT infrastructure in the Netherlands.

United DC

Ukrainian United DC is located at 3 Solomyanska Street in Kyiv. This data center, which meets the international TIA - 942 requirements in TIER-3 class, offers HP and APC 1045x600x42U racks for rent, as well as unit-by-unit placement of physical servers.

Technical characteristics of the DC:

  1. Safety level: Tier 3.
  2. Power: 1+1 MW.
  3. Area: 1400 m2.
  4. No-break power 2(N+1).
  5. Traffic exchange networks: UA-IX, DTEL-IX, Cloud-IX, DataIX.

United DC features both state-of-the-art technologies and a high level of equipment reliability hosted by it. Moreover, the DC employs highly qualified and experienced specialists who make it possible to provide quality server hosting services.