How to order hosting?
To order hosting, go to the plan selection page, choose a tariff plan you like and press “Order plan”. Complete the required forms and submit your order. If you have any questions at the time of your order, contact the support team and we will help you.

How to select a plan?
Select your plan based on disc space and the number of websites you want to host. Don’t look at the expected load level at the time of placing your order. Your website needs to function on the hosting platform for some time to collect statistics. The statistics will help understand if the plan corresponds to the load on your website. If the selected tariff plan is not enough, we will let you know and offer alternatives.

Can I test the hosting without paying for it?
Yes! The account will be activated automatically immediately after your order and you will have 7 days to test our hosting services. Moreover, this extends to all tariff plans. Test accounts are no different than paid accounts, so you can experience how your website will work in full.

I need to choose a control panel with my order. Which panel should I choose?
All panels have basically similar features and work equally successfully, so you can choose any of them. CPanel has been used on our hosting platform for the longest offering stable operation over many years. ISPmanager is relatively new to our hosting platform but has already recommended itself as a simple and reliable tool. BrainyCP is a newly-developed tool. In our opinion, its UI is the most user-friendly.

How can I check website operation without registering my domain?
When placing your order, select “Use NetX subdomain” and type any available name. This subdomain can’t be used for full-fledged control of the website (e.g., for its promotion in search engines), but is enough for testing your website on the hosting platform.

I want my own domain!
You can order your domain under “Our Services – Domain Registration”. Select a short name, which is related to the topic of your website or your company name.

Is the domain extended along with hosting services? Can I extend my domain once a month?
No, these are different services, which are paid for separately. The domain expiration term is 1 year. For international zones, like com, org, and info, you can extend your domain for 10 years in advance.

You say the domain is free with the order of hosting services for a certain term.
We register free domains with orders of hosting services. Such domain can be extended for another year at a regular price.

I have bought a domain from another registrar. Can I use it?
Yes, you can. What is more, you don’t need to transfer it to us. Read this article to redirect your domain to our hosting platform.

Can I move my domain to your platform?
Yes, if your domain is located in the domain zone that we serve. The list of such domain zones can be found under “Our Services – Domain Registration”. To do this, contact your current registrar and request a transfer code. Once you receive it, send us a request using a ticket system. In your request, specify which domain you need to move and copy the transfer code.

What if the plan is not good for me?
You can change the plan at any time in your account. When you change your plan, an invoice for the difference between plan costs for the remaining days is generated for you. After you pay the invoice, your plan will be changed.

Where are your servers located?
Our servers are located in the Netherlands and Ukraine. You can select the server location when making your order. You can also request the migration of your account to the server in another country by contacting the support team.

I have ordered hosting services and want to create a website. What should I do?
First, select the engine for your website. Make your choice based on its topic. If you are a beginner, select simpler solutions. For instance, WordPress will be good for a blog, OpenCart – for a store, and PhpBB will work well for a forum. The selected engine is most likely already present in our autoinstaller. There is a script autoinstaller, which you can use to install one of the popular engines in just a few clicks. If there is no such engine in the autoinstaller, contact support and we will install it for you.

I already have a website. Can you help me with the migration?
Yes, terms of migration are described on this page.

Is protection against attacks available?
The hosting platform has basic protection against DDoS attacks at the firewall level for all plans.

Are there any limits on sending mail?
The allowed frequency of sending emails from the virtual hosting server is 50 emails/hour

Do you make refunds?
If you decide to cancel our services, we will refund the money for the unused term of hosting or VPS. Regardless of the chosen method of payment for services, the refund to the User is carried out to the Ukrainian VISA\Mastercard. For domains and dedicated servers, no refund can be made. Money will not be refunded if you violate hosting rules.

What to do if the hosting is not compatible with my script?
If the default hosting configuration does not work out for you, contact our support, and we will check if we can configure the environment required for your script. If this is not possible, don’t worry, we have a wide range of VPS solutions at a price comparable to hosting rates.

What is VPS?
This means a virtual server. You are allocated virtual machine resources and receive full access to operating system management. On the one hand, it gives you great flexibility in terms of settings, as you can configure any environment. On the other hand, server stability will depend on your administration skills. A control panel selected by you at the time of order placement (or any other control panel compatible with the chosen OS version) will be installed on the server, which will be enough to complete most tasks, as even an unprepared person can handle basic administration.

What is included in basic VPS administration performed by your support team?
Installation and reinstallation of the OS and control panel at your request. Monitoring of the physical server operation where the virtualization system is located.

What if something goes wrong and I can’t fix it?
You need to think about such situations beforehand. Before ordering VPS, we recommend finding an administrator who can help you in such emergencies. Basic administration by our support team does not include the resolution of such issues, but we usually try to help our customers as much as we can in such circumstances.