Terms of Use

1. Account
By registering on the website, the User undertakes responsibility for the credibility and completeness of submitted personal data (full name, phone, email, etc.), as well as for updating them while using hosting services. Explicitly false data may serve as the reason for account suspension and a ban on provider services.

2. Data in hosting accounts
Services rendered by the Provider to the User must be used exclusively for legal purposes and must not contradict Ukrainian legislation, or any other international legislative acts.
Provider’s services must not be used to violate intellectual property rights.

3. Content that is prohibited from hosting
Hosting of web resources that:
3.1. Feature propaganda or support of the activities contrary to the Ukrainian legislation.
3.2. Contain archives or warez, disseminating copyrighted materials.
3.3. Distribute website passwords and promote ways to circumvent protection and hack software.
3.4. Contain pornography in any form.
3.5. Are online casinos or other gambling games.

Activities, including:
3.6. Illegal copying and distribution of software.
3.7. Copying/distributing audio files and videos without permission from copyright holders.
3.8. Distribution of information or software containing malicious code/software, as well as those that may lead to disrupted functioning of PCs connected to the Internet.
3.9. Trade in any narcotic and/or toxic substances without the documents required by law.
3.10. Transfer of passwords and accounts obtained from the Contractor to third parties.
3.11. Use of PROXY/VPN, as well as other software running a remote console on the north, if these activities are not supported by a special agreement.
3.12. Hacking – obtaining unauthorized access to systems connected to the Internet.
3.13. Nmaping – scanning of ports in the Contractor’s network, as well as in any other networks, which are accessible on the Internet, computer system ports.
3.14. Arranging and making various attacks on computer systems in the Contractor’s network, as well as in any other networks connected to the Internet.
3.15. Network flood – automatic use of network packages or traffic from or on the Customer’s equipment.
3.16. Any other activities that are contrary to the legislative norms of Ukraine or other international legislative acts.

Any user who undertakes the following steps:
4.1. Makes changes to service data in the headings of notifications that are sent via email over the SMTP protocol. When you send emails from the website while not being signed in, we recommend specifying in the sender field your existing email address created on the Contractor’s hosting;
4.2. Spam – mailout of unsolicited messages to persons who did not give their consent to receiving such notifications, mailing of unsolicited ads to the user’s email and/or to newsgroups. The message in this context is any message sent using email, IRC, SCQ, Jabber, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, as well as any other data exchange means/protocols, forum messages, guestbooks, etc.;
4.3. Mailing out spam using third-party servers (computers), where data on resources located on the Contractor’s equipment are hosted;
4.4. Email bombing – sending multiple identical messages to a specified email/adding a certain person in the mailout without his or her consent, sending multiple messages that are irrelevant to the topic to many newsgroups;
will be blocked by the provider with or without prior notice.

Websites using spam mailouts for advertising are not allowed on the provider’s servers. Any account that led to one of the Contractor’s IPs being included in the block list shall be immediately suspended.

5. Use of resources
5.1. Installing on the shared hosting account a software consuming over 10% RAM and/or 5% CPU of the web server, and 1% CPU (for all plans) of the database server.
5.2. Exceeding the thresholds set for disc quota.

6. Viruses
Should viruses be detected on the User’s hosting account, such User will receive a notification of the existing issue, shell scripts, any malicious software, as well as the request to reply and eliminate the threats in the account.

Provider’s representatives shall receive a reply from the User via tickets or email within 24 hours. If this does not happen within the time set by the rules, the account will be suspended.
The Contractor may suspend the account without any additional notice before the agreed term expires if the account threatens the operation of server services.

7. Reasons to suspend a website
Situations that may lead to account suspension:
- the Customer delays payment for services rendered;
- the Customer violates one or more provider’s Rules.

If the User undertakes steps stipulated by paragraph 3 of these Rules, their account will be deleted permanently without any refund of prepayment made.
If the traffic or disc quota is exceeded, the account gets suspended automatically. To restore it, you must contact technical support.

During account or server suspension:
- The User must continue making payments according to the selected plan. 30 days following the failed payment, the account will be automatically deleted without the possibility to restore it.
- The Contractor may suspend any User account without explaining the reasons for such action if the latter performed steps against the Contractor that can be interpreted as unacceptable but are not described in these Rules.

8. Refund to the Customer
Regardless of the selected payment method, money can only be returned to the User’s Ukrainian VISA/Mastercard bank card.

If the hosting service was ordered and paid for the first time, money is refunded in full within 30 days following order placement. This being said, the reasons, for which the Customer is requesting a refund, do not matter.

If the hosting service was ordered and paid repeatedly, the Customer will receive the remaining money for full calendar months remaining until the day when the previously ordered service expires.

Customers using VPS and a dedicated server will be refunded in full within 30 days following order placement only when:
- server downtime (absolutely no access to the server, no ping) exceeds 24 hours due to the reasons that emerged on the Contractor’s side;
- server configuration is different from the one stated in the tariff plans.

Other reasons do not presuppose a refund. The User who violates one or more of our Rules cannot request a refund.

9. Liability of the parties
9.1. The User undertakes responsibility for any actions made in their accounts, including virus infection, malicious software, and shell scripts. In addition, this rule applies to the situation when account login data have become known to third parties.
We recommend setting strong passwords that the attacker can’t guess. Moreover, activate any accessible protection systems preventing the theft/use of your login and password.
9.2. The Contractor shall not and may not bear any financial responsibility beyond the amount paid by the Customer as payment for the services being rendered.
9.3. The Contractor shall not bear liability in case of force majeure circumstances. The Contractor’s direct obligations include taking reasonable steps to prevent and promptly eliminate the consequences caused by such force majeure circumstances.
9.4. The Contractor shall not bear liability for any possible damage or delays resulting from:
web resource suspension/deletion due to reasons described in these Rules;
issues arising from connecting or transmitting information outside the Contractor’s equipment.

10. Regulations for retaining data in unpaid accounts
10.1. Shared hosting accounts are retained on the servers for at most 20 days following the expiration of the paid term.
10.2. VPS/VDS data are retained on hosting servers for at most three weeks following the expiration of the paid term.
10.3. Dedicated servers are guaranteed to be retained for the Customer for 3 days following the expiration of the paid term, whereafter they are sent for drive formatting and reassembly. If you need to postpone payment, contact your personal manager or support. If we receive no messages of postponed payment from you, all your data will be deleted according to these rules within the terms specified herein.