Migration terms

Website migration to NetX hosting can be free or paid, depending on the set of conditions.
Website migration is free in the following cases:
1. Migration of 1 to 3 websites from the third-party platform to NetX (shared hosting, excluding the Beginner plan, VPS, dedicated server). Minimum term of services – 1 month.
2. Migration of 1 to 3 websites from NetX shared hosting to NetX dedicated server. Minimum term of services – 1 month.
3. Migration of 1 to 3 websites from NetX shared hosting to VPS NetX. Minimum term of services – 2 months.

If during this period, the customer requests a refund, the cost of migration will be deducted from this amount (3$/1 website).

When you need to move 1 to 3 websites, payment may be charged if the size of all web resources and databases exceeds 10 GB.

Website migration is paid in the following cases:
1. More than 3 websites. The cost of migration of each web resource, starting from the 4th one is $3.
2. The total size of web resources (databases, files) exceeds 10 GB. The migration of every incomplete 5 GB (starting from 1st MB, rather than 10th GB) costs $2.
3. One or more websites are moved to the cheaper hosting type (e.g., from VPS to shared hosting). The cost of each migration, starting from the first one, is $3/1 website.
4. One or more websites will be moved between accounts belonging to different NetX customers only after the technical department receives confirmation from both parties.

The migration involves:
1. Copying and moving website files to NETX hosting.
2. Optional: Export/import of databases, the configuration of script connection to the database, updating paths specified in the scripts.

During migration, we might need to copy system service settings, which is relevant when moving resources to a virtual private server or dedicated server. Required: Characteristics of the server where the website will be moved to, must either be equal to or higher than the characteristics of the current server. The customer also has to provide the technical department with a description of server functionality. The cost of this type of work is $3/1 service.

The website will be moved to NetX hosting in a form identical to the one available at the time of the request. For instance, if your web resource is hacked or not functioning on the old platform, it will be moved in the same condition.

We recommend not to change website settings or update content after your migration request is confirmed. If the specialists of our technical department copy and import files and databases and the customer then makes changes on the old hosting, you will be charged for a new migration.

If there is more than one engine (CMS, framework, scripts with separate configuration files) in the main web resource’s directory, all of them will be treated as independent web resources.

Once the website is moved, its basic check starts. We test the home page, authentication in the admin panel is done by navigating through several web pages.

If there is important functionality on the website, the customer must describe steps to check its functioning.

If you have specific requirements for the website (for example if it operates using a specific PHP version or you need to set non-standard access rights in the directory, etc.), be sure to warn about it before the website is moved to NetX hosting. This way, migration will be fast, and our technical department will not have any additional questions.

Migration request rules
Website migration may only be submitted through a ticket – section in the customer panel used to send requests to support. The request should specify:
1. Website domains to be moved.
2. Current hosting’s control panel address, username and login password.
3. If FTP, SSH access data, and link to phpMyAdmin cannot be obtained through the panel, add them to your request.
4. Website features that may be important during migration.

The migration will be completed within 72 hours after submitted data are checked. The customer will be notified of the work started. You must pay for at least 3 days (72 hours) of hosting on the platform from where the website will be moved. We don’t recommend deleting files from it during this time.

Paid website migration will be completed only after the customer pays the full amount. Urgent website migration is a paid service (pre-agreed), regardless of the number of web resources or their total size. Once the works are completed, the customer will receive a respective notification from the technical department employee. In the next 36 hours, the customer will be able to test the website and report any identified bugs, if the copy is saved on the previous hosting and accessible.

If the customer does not report anything to the technical department within 36 hours since website migration, migration works are deemed to be completed successfully.