How to create a corporate email

In some cases, you may need a mailbox or even several mailboxes in your domain. They may be used to confirm your rights to the domain, send notifications to your website users, or keep internal correspondence between your staff. Creating such an email is easy.

You can create a domain email in the cPanel section “Email Accounts”. Just enter your mailbox name, set the password and specify how much space it will take up on the disc.
To find out credentials for connecting an email client, in cPanel, go to “Email Accounts – Set mail client”.

To create a mailbox in the ISPmanager, select a domain under “Mailboxes”, specify your email name, password and maximum size. The remaining settings may be set to default.

In the “BrainyCP”, a mailbox can be created by analogy under “Mail – Mailboxes”. In the “Add Mailing Account” form specify its name and password.






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