How to select your hosting plan

Customers often ask our support what plan they should select for the quick and stable functioning of the website; how many simultaneous visitors the website can allow, etc. With this in mind, you need to understand that website visitors can do various things: view pages, actively navigate through the menu, publish and like posts, listen to the music, and download files – these may vary depending on the website functionality and script optimization. Unfortunately, calculating the exact number of visits is a challenging task.

Perhaps, you want to move your website to the hosting platform, but don’t understand what resources it will actually need. If you are using one of the popular engines, review recommended values in its documentation. As a rule, the documentation can be found on the engine’s official website. You can ask a support specialist if we support the parameters and PHP extensions needed for your script.

We stand out among our competitors because every user can edit a wide range of PHP settings, as well as enable and disable extensions in the control panel. Moreover, this can be done in just a few clicks.

If the documentation does not contain recommended characteristics or you find it difficult to figure them out, don’t worry. Select your hosting plan based on disc space and the number of websites you want to host. We have already configured servers so that any of our plans will work well for most websites.

How to determine the actual load your website has on the server? To determine optimal load limits, your website should be hosted on the hosting platform for some time for us to be able to collect statistics. If the selected tariff plan is not enough, we will let you know.

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