Change PHP version

With our hosting, you can select a PHP language version that fits your website. PHP version can be changed using the control panel.

In cPanel, version can be selected under the “Select PHP Version” section.
In ISPmanager, version can be changed under “WWW – WWW domains – (Select domain) – Change”.
In BrainyCP, go to “WWW – Websites – (Select website) – Edit – PHP Version”.

In all panels, a new PHP version is applied immediately after its changing.

Not sure, which version to choose for your website? You can find a recommended version on the official website of your engine. If, for some reason, you cannot find out your recommended version, version 7.2 fits most engines.

You can also change some PHP settings. In the cPanel, go to “Select PHP Version – Switch to PHP Options”. In ISPmanager, go to “WWW – PHP – CGOI and LS API Extensions”. In BrainyCP, settings can be changed under “WWW – php.ini configuration”. Changes to your settings are applied once you save them.

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