Installing the engine using autoinstaller

Any hosting panel and any plan feature an autoinstaller, which can be used for the simplified installation of one of the popular CMS.

CPanel. To install the engine using an autoinstaller, go to Softaculous Apps Installer in the cPanel (find thumbnails of various engines at the bottom of cPanel), select the engine you need from the list, go to the “Install” tab, complete the form fields and press “Install”. When completing the form, make sure you leave the “Directory” field empty. Don’t forget to save your credentials (login and password) for engine administration.

ISPmanager. You can install an engine in this panel using the “Web Script Catalog” section. Press “Install” opposite the selected CMS. Follow the instructions in the installer. Once done, you will see a message about setup completion in the “Statistics – Notifications” section.

BrainyCP. Autoinstaller can be found under “Utilities – CMS Autoinstaller”. Press “Select Distributive” opposite the engine you need. Complete the form and press “Install”.

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