• What is a dedicated server?
  • A dedicated server or physical server is a full-fledged server with certain configurations and all of its resources are available for use by one owner. A dedicated server is located in a specialized location – a data center.

    During the entire server leasing time, the hosting provider maintains the server’s technical condition and ensures its seamless operation. To guarantee the safety of your data, the database server, just like the webserver, is located on different machines, rather than one. Hence, if one of the services crushes or gets hacked, the second one will function normally..

    Dedicated server lease guarantees:

    • root access;
    • operating system management;
    • server enabling/disabling/restarting;
    • managing software, modules, updates;
    • file system management, etc..
  • Can I install a control panel on the dedicated server?
  • Yes, you can install a control panel. NetX hosting offers three solutions:

    • Webuzo;
    • Vestacp;
    • BrainyCP.

    The Control panel can be selected when ordering server rent.

  • Is protection against DDoS attacks included?
  • es, we provide protection from DDoS attacks using Huawei AntiDDoS8000 Series DDoS Protection System, which comes with NE-85, NE-100, and NE-115 plans.

  • Can I connect an external repository?
  • Yes, when renting a server, you can connect an NFS storage in NE-85, NE-100, and NE-115 plans. .

  • Do you provide dedicated server administration services?
  • Yes, server rent is not the only service we offer. We also provide administration services at a rate of $10/hour.

  • Can I get an additional IP?
  • When leasing a dedicated server, you get 1 IPV4 IP address. Each additional IP costs $1/month.

  • Where are NetX dedicated servers located?
  • You can rent servers in the following data centers: United DC (Ukraine, Kyiv) and Serverius DC (the Netherlands, Dronten).

    Contrary to shared hosting or VPS, the location cannot be selected, as the country of the dedicated server location is specified in the tariff plan.

  • What is the difference between a dedicated server and VPS or shared hosting?
  • A dedicated server is a server, which is fully at the disposal of the lessee. The dedicated server is the most powerful type of hosting suitable for web projects with especially high requirements.

    VPS/VDS is a shared dedicated server, which is a fragment of one physical machine divided into several separate parts. Each VPS is isolated, has its operating system, and can be restarted independently from the neighbors. Resources of the physical server are divided between all Virtual Private Servers: if one of them starts using more resources or experiences some issues, owners of the remaining VPS will not even notice it.

    Shared hosting is the simplest and cheapest type of hosting. A physical server is divided into numerous accounts where owners share common resources. Such hosting suits most small and medium-sized websites. Anyone can use it — the features are quite simple, so unlike in the case of VPS/VDS and dedicated server, no administration skills are needed.

    Server lease has several advantages:

    • Enhanced performance due to more resources, significantly higher processing speed, etc..
    • No restrictions in terms of settings and administration.
    • Full control over software and hardware.
  • What channels are connected on dedicated servers?
  • All servers that are located in Ukraine have a 500 Mbps channel connected and a 1 Gbps channel for all servers located in the Netherlands.

  • How much time does it take to prepare the server for operation?
  • All technical works and settings required for the dedicated server to function properly take no more than 12 working hours since order placement. If the works require more time, the server owner may be notified of it.

  • Can I test a dedicated server before buying it?
  • No, a dedicated server cannot be tested before the actual lease.

  • What kind of projects is a dedicated server suitable for?
  • You need to rent a dedicated server if the resources of shared hosting and VPS are not sufficient for the stable functioning of your web project, as well as in the case when you need custom server configurations or a higher security level.

    Such server is good for large e-commerce platforms with high traffic, major news portals and other similar websites that require stability and the highest page loading speed possible.

  • How many websites can be hosted on the dedicated server?
  • The server has no restrictions on the number of hosted websites. You can add as many web projects as your resources let you.